About skaero

The package collects different algorithms that solve for classical aeronautical or aerospace problems such us finding the isentropic relations for a given Mach number, atmospheric properties for a given altitude and many others.


The project was started by Juan Luis Cano. With the contribution of Guilles Aouizerate and Javier J. Gutiérrez more implementations to the package were done such us tests implementation and extension of the COESA model up to 86km.

After some time, the project was no longer mantained till Jorge Martínez started working again on skaero: a Python package for aeronautical and aerospace computations.

In future versions

We are still working in this software and therefore issues and pull requests are welcome. Some ideas for the moment are:

  • Improve project documentation

  • Implement GOST russian atmosphere

  • Include more examples on how to use the package

Please, take a look to the official repository in GitHub if you want to make a contribution to the project.